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Moisture in 45 Loader hydraulics

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It appears that some moisture got into the hydraulics of my 45 loader for my X585. When I was putting it on for the first time this season today, the loader hydraulics were under pressure and would not connect (I know, seasonal temp changes). So, I had to manipulate the nipple on one of the lifter arms connections. What came out was milky indicating moisture likely is in the lines. I can't imagine there is a lot as I did not see any of this when I took it off last season.

I never operated it in wet weather and it was in a dry shed all winter. All seems kind of odd. Do I need to drain loader or should I just work it through the tractor hydraulics and do a hydraulic fluid and filter change? As I say, I just can't imagine there is much moisture in those lines. By the way, just 30 minutes earlier, I had removed my 47" snow blower and there hydraulic fluid that dripped out of the connections was normal.

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Water will collect at the lowest point in the system. If that happens to be at the connector, not likely a problem.

For a truer picture of any possible moisture problem, disconnect the loader end of the arm lift hose and put it in a clear container. Start the engine at idle and, after a few seconds, raise the arm to pump our some oil.into the container for inspection.. That is what is in the reservoir.

Don't forget to reconnect the hose.
Thanks, Tudor, I was hoping it would be you responding. I did see your post on draining a loader for reference.

So, the X585 shares implement hydraulics with the drive train/transaxle. Is the transaxle reservoir the one you are referring to? If yes, when I've checked the oil is is always clear and as I mentioned, when I removed the blower, all drippings at the connections were clear although (I do understand water sinks in oil). When the loader is stored, I leave the hoses laid up over the cross member of the loader see pic below. Connectors are circled in white. I can still proceed with your recommended process if appropriate.

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Thanks, Tudor. I went back and checked the line in question at the same connector and the oil was clear today. I suspect as you suggest it was just the small amount accumulated at the connector that I encountered yesterday. Thanks for your assistance.
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