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Moisture in 45 Loader hydraulics

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It appears that some moisture got into the hydraulics of my 45 loader for my X585. When I was putting it on for the first time this season today, the loader hydraulics were under pressure and would not connect (I know, seasonal temp changes). So, I had to manipulate the nipple on one of the lifter arms connections. What came out was milky indicating moisture likely is in the lines. I can't imagine there is a lot as I did not see any of this when I took it off last season.

I never operated it in wet weather and it was in a dry shed all winter. All seems kind of odd. Do I need to drain loader or should I just work it through the tractor hydraulics and do a hydraulic fluid and filter change? As I say, I just can't imagine there is much moisture in those lines. By the way, just 30 minutes earlier, I had removed my 47" snow blower and there hydraulic fluid that dripped out of the connections was normal.

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Water will collect at the lowest point in the system. If that happens to be at the connector, not likely a problem.

For a truer picture of any possible moisture problem, disconnect the loader end of the arm lift hose and put it in a clear container. Start the engine at idle and, after a few seconds, raise the arm to pump our some oil.into the container for inspection.. That is what is in the reservoir.

Don't forget to reconnect the hose.
If the reservoir for both the hydro and the loader are one and the same, and the fluid therein is clear, don't worry about it.

Given enough time, any water contamination in the hoses draped over the cross member from the high point at the cross member to the quick connects, will concentrate at the quick connects. A few drops of contaminated fluid in that situation is acceptable. It's what is in the reservoir that counts when it comes to water contamination.
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