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Mods for Kohler CV730-00017 in 2003 GT5000

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Hey guys,

Tractor: 917.276020 GT5000 hydro, Kohler 25HP, 48-inch deck

Looking for ideas for improvements here.

Last summer, mice got into the air cleaner and made a nest (they also got into the engine shroud, and I cooked the nest, with one mouse still in it, before I realized it, what a truly disgusting odor). Anyway, has anyone fabbed up some screening to keep mice out of the air cleaner (and/or engine shrouds) to stop this from happening? Got any pictures?

The oil drain is in a terrible location, and the fittings are leaking slightly. The drain plugs are very low on the engine, and there is an elbow and quick-release drain valve (factory installed), which comes out under the tractor. Needless to say, this makes a huge mess with all the dirt and grass flying around and sticking to the oil. Has anyone sucessfully relocated this fitting (preferably without cutting the frame)? Got any pictures?

My 2003 DLT3000 (with a Briggs engine) had the same drain valve, it came straight out the side with no issues. The drain plug on the engine must have been a bit higher.

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