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Modifying a finishing mower

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Hi. I have a 6ft Worksaver brand finishing mower. It works good but the highest cutting height is about 4", which is a little too low for the long prarie grass I have on my land.

I've determined that if I remove the wheel "legs", flip them upside down, and re-drill the mounting holes I can add 6" inches to the cutting height. Would this plan work? Or is there something about a 10" cutting height that I'm not taking into consideration?

Has anyone else modified their finishing mower to cut higher?

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Hi, perhaps a rotary cutter would be better suited for the type of cutting you have. The rotary cutters have a large spinning disc with 2 heavy duty blades and are designed for heavy / large weeds grass and mall brush, these are also referred to as bush hogs.
Jn is right on with hi pot about rasing the mower to high.
GB in MN
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