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Modifying a finishing mower

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Hi. I have a 6ft Worksaver brand finishing mower. It works good but the highest cutting height is about 4", which is a little too low for the long prarie grass I have on my land.

I've determined that if I remove the wheel "legs", flip them upside down, and re-drill the mounting holes I can add 6" inches to the cutting height. Would this plan work? Or is there something about a 10" cutting height that I'm not taking into consideration?

Has anyone else modified their finishing mower to cut higher?

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I use a 44" cut brush hog to keep the heavy grass and wild oats down around the place. If the grass gets too tall it tends to do a crummy cut on it. I think it's because the type of blade does not move a lot of air and also the sides of the cutter tend to bend the grass over quite a bit.

You might consider adding a width of old conveyer belt to the sides of your finish mower to lower them if you are concerned about it throwing stuff out. I know the brush hog will launch stuff quite a distance from time to time even with the deep skirts it has.

As Doug mentioned the second time over the brush hog does a much better job of cutting. Makes short work of saplings and such but has problems when the tumbleweeds get up around four or five feet tall and are still green. It'll cut and chop them but it's kind of slow.

I'd say give it a shot with your raised finish mower and let us know how it works out. May be several of us want to copy your lead.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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