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Modern swap for "machine gun" muffler?

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H-14 Bolens.
  • Is there a new muffler that points forward with a right-angle bend?
  • Perhaps someone has adapted a motorcycle or go kart muffler?
  • Or just a straight pipe forward?
Today the back of the machine gun muffler blew off and bounced off my shin. Fortunately it did not cause a burn because it was in contact with the skin for less than a second.

I could take it to a weld shop and have it brazed or soldered for $50 minimum charge. I do not like the pepper can mufflers.
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Ocassional used ones show up on ebay at a fair price $50ish [IMHO] There is also a nelson one on there [original mfgr]that looks close but the exit is shorter.The item # is 161416326316 [I'm too dumb to post a link.]
As far as the pepper or "soup can" mufflers I was not a fan either until I came across a couple of "factory" tecumseh and wisconsin part numbered mufflers at a swap meet-no comparison in quality and decibel level to the 5.99 arnold replacement at Theisens or Menards.I thread the existing pipe while on the machine install a 1" 45 degree elbow angled forward and a bit down with a 2 inch long or so nipple and the noise is more than managable.I see the "factory" tecumseh and wisconsin mufflers on e-bay in the 10 buck range but its almost as much to ship.Hope the input helps-Later Steve!!!
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Member, Steevo, recently reconstructed his original muffler. Check it out here:
[*]Is there a new muffler that points forward with a right-angle bend?
Hmmmmm,,,,, :dunno:

$25 on eBay,,, delivered,,,

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Ive used thst Kohler muffler shown on the Gravely when my 1225 had the original Wisconsin. They can be found at most local NAPA's. You may also want to try Tractor Supply as they carry an assortment of mufflers.
Thanks much for the quick replies!

I could not find the thing on Amazon or ebay. having the proper search words did the job. i'll pick one of those.
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