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model 160 not starting

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just got an older model 160 .It had not been ran in two years,so I cleaned the carb and replaced the old gas and battery it started right up. The next time I went to use it I turned the key and nothing happens no sound at all turn the key a few more times and then it started ,this has been happening for a couple months now.Went out this week and it didn't start and still hasn't no sound at all when I turn the key.I have replaced the ignition,and wiring harness. Any thoughts as to what my problem is?
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First off :MTF_wel: Have you thought about installing the starter assist relay? You can read all about it here :fing32: If that isn't it maybe the starter itself is wearing out or the solenoid which I believe yours is a solenoid shift starter so you have to replace the entire thing. :goodl:
ANother :MTF_wel:

As k91 posted the starter relay may solve your problem which is very very common in 100 series. The only thing that throws me a little is that you've replaced the ignition switch and wiring harness so also check the connection on the solenoid (purple wire) to make sure its clean.
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