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Hello all. Ive been trying to get a bolens g152 back into usable shape. Have seen anything too scary until today. I finally pulled the pistons out to check the cyl and rings. Not good. The previous owner was honest and told me it hot hot when thry were using it. They were advised to put a water pump on it and pretty much quit using it there. It then sat for years until i bought it. Well it must have ran too hot, scratched pistons, rings look ok but the cyl closest to radiator has a gouge in it that will certainly need machining. I got the tractor cheap, have already bought plenty of parts for it and really dont want to just scrap it or part it out. I have taken quite a liking to it even though its ugly and has never ran for me. That plus down here in florida, good deals on CUT's and SCUT's are very hard to find.

From what ive seen my engine had 65mm pistons, the k3b had 68mm. So im wondering about punching my block out for the k3b pistons. To get this going i should replace the pistons either way. If i can find affordable maching, i might go for the k3b larger pistons.

Would i then go with the k3b head gasket?

Anyone who knows about punching out diesels or sleeving, i apreciate the advice.
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