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MinniMo U???

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I found a Minneapolis Moline U tractor for sale two days ago. It hasn't been running in two years and has been sitting outside for one year. It looks good and the motor does turn with the crank. My question is should I buy it?
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MM, nice to have with us and enjoy the forums :). Can't answer your question, but hopefully someone in the know on these tractors will be along :fing32:.
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If the price is right... sounds like it would be worthwhile...



MM U was made from 1938-58. Major production numbers. Early ones had red grill and seem to be more collectible. UTS (standard axle) more common in wheatland. UTU(universal or narrow front) common in row crop areas. There also was U diesel,cane tractor UTC, extendable axle UTE,UTN single front wheel all very collectible. UTI or UTIL was the industrial version. The UB was later 50's with raised platform and foot clutch. Value is determined by location ,condition and style. Hard to put a value unless model is known as well as serial number.
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