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Might make the jump tomorrow!

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After a couple months of finding nice used tractors the day after they have sold, I am contemplating a Mahindra. I have been looking ad JD, Kubota and Kioti, but just found out there is a Mahindra dealer 14 miles away. I was looking mainly at the Kioti CK27 because of it's weight, but after talking to the Mahindra dealer on the phone I think I will check out the 3016 shuttle drive. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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I too have been looking(researching) mahindra's and I was ready to say yes until my dealer said there would be a 4.25% fee for the 0% financing. I said that's not really 0% then, but he would not work with me and the 4.25% made my payment just a little more than I was comfortable with, and that was with $1,000 down. I still think in this class (22-25 hp) this is the best scut, if i can get him to drop the 4.25% I'm in. How do like your new ride, sounds like a great setup.
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