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Hi All,

I have a Mahindra 1815 HST Compact Tractor. I have FEL and MMM. My question is does anyone have one or familar with the Mid Mount Mower. My mower is a 52" and came from the dealer with the tractor. I think its a...........AMM52 or something. Anyway, my question is how do I check the gear box on the MMM? It says in the manual ot check it every 25 hours for gear box oil level. There is no place I can easily see to remove a plug/bolt to check the oil level. Could this be a closed sealed Unit/Gear box? Why would hte book say to check it. It would seem crazy to be a closed sealed unit but maybe some are these days. I'm anxious to figure it out. I have about 40 hrs on the MMM.

Any and all adivice is greatly appreciated.

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