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I inherited this tractor with a house I bought from an older lady, she bought it new, had all the paperwork and it was in excellent visual condition so I was happy to have it. Not a Kohler but it was free so....

At some point, she got too old to bother with cutting the grass so she parked it in her perfectly clean shed and had someone else cut the grass.

I got it out when I first bought the house and it smoked a bit initially and smelled a bit hot but cut the 3/4 acre lot a few times before I put it away and had someone else cut the grass (it was a rental house).

It sat for around a year and when we sold the house, I fired it up again without any drama and drove it onto a trailer. No smoke and it seemed fine other than again smelling a little hot.

When I got it home, I decided to change the oil etc and give it to my son to use at his house. I noticed some debris above the starter housing and started to investigate. You can see below what I found.

I assume I cut the yard and drove it onto the trailer like this, kind of surprised it didn't catch fire.

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I see this all the time. They seem to love those blower housings. Even without critters crud builds up in there. Something to put on the maintenance list every year or two.
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