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MF10 Starting problem

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Older MF10 with starter generator. New battery fully charged. It does not make a sound. Does anyone have a schematic for the charging and starting
circuits . Tractor has a Tecumseh 10 hp cast engine. Thanks in advance for any help.

Eric(the old goat in SW Va)
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Did you try bypassing the relay and ignition switch by taking the lead that runs from the + on the battery, unscrew the end of it from the relay and make contact with the other side
No, the tractor belongs to a friend of mine. He got it and a Sears Suburban back in the summer. I got the Suburban and got it straightened up but the MF10just sit. He told me about his problem and I told him I would enquire on MTF. He said that it had some wires that appeared to have been hot. With a schematic, I could check it out fully. For some reason, these old tractors don't seem to be wired quite like the factory did it. I suppose some kinda gremlins get into them.
Hello Eric, It's usually the simple things we overlook when there's a problem. I just spent a bunch of time checking things out on my MF14 because it stopped running. First thing to do is completely remove the battery ground, clean the ends and where it attaches to the frame and reconnect. I just looked at mine, all looked well. After all the work I decided to check the ground again. When I did, I noticed a hump in the insulation and when I checked it out the wire was broken inside and had some acid build up inside. :fing20: Next time I'll inspect the wire rather than just look at it. Changed ground wires and it fired right up. Good luck.
I will be going up to his place this weekend. He has worked on mowers for years but I think he is limited to plugs and sharpening blades. I have mentored quite a few in trouble shooting in commercial refrigeration and they can't understand that most of the time, the problem is simple if you start at the power source and check as you go. It also helps to have the equipment to check the problems. Thanks for the input. I will post after I Check it. I would still like a schematic if anyone has one
You should have heard the starter solonoid click when you turned the key to start position. The wireing is different on the old generator/starter models from the later gear drive starter/flywheel alternator tractors. I just looked at my MF10/12 service manuel, a lot of good information but no wireing diagram. Check all the connections and cables/wires first but I agree with you about haveing a wireing diagram, it could be someone hooked things up the way they thought it was suppose to be rather than the way it's really suppose to be.
I had the same problem trying to find a schematic for S/G tractors to rewire my 66 MF10 and 67 MF12 , this is what I found on the web and it seems to work properly.


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