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MF10 $500 buying questions

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hey guys im looking to buy this massey MF10

if im going to go look at it what should i ensure comes with it or works? for example do these use a generator type relay to start, do they have hydro lift? and how easy it to rig up a snow plow for it? have any of you done or seen this done before? thanks in advance, i sure hope i'll be able to bring this home one day.:praying: :praying: :praying:
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It has a manual lift. Plows are not that hard to find for the 10 and 12.
What to check?...for that price, I would say that everything should work near perfect, and it still might be a bit high.
I like the 2x4 seat risers, pure class...:ROF

It looks like it has been painted as that color looks too bright to be the flint grey that they came with stock and all the decals are missing or painted over. One thing I would check is the steering to make sure it operates smoothly and dosen't have a lot of play in it. If those front tires are original they will probably need replacing. You can check the sidewalls for cracks. Same on the rears but for some reason they seem to last longer. New rear tires if needed will set you back some serious cash. Other than that the usual stuff like engine smoke, mower deck spindle bearings, condition of belts etc. If a lot of small items need to be replaced it can add up quick.

Good Luck
The price is about $150 to $200 too high. The gray has been spray canned on. That isn't flint metallic gray for sure.
thanks guys, :thanku: :thanku:

i was only gonna offer 400, should i try for 300? or 350? i dont want him to get mad at my low offers and pull out a shot gun on me, telling me to get of his property or else...:ROF :ROF
I have seen most in similar condition go for around $300 or so. I bought one with great deck, & a cultivator...yes, mine also had rear lift, for $350 for the package, and it had great original paint. I bought it on ebay.
It's more to do with what it's worth to YOU.
I paid $325 for my mf12 off ebay. I think it was a little high but I like the tractor and it also had a 42" deck which was in great shape. I also paid $50 for the parts mf10 that I have. Seems some people are at the right place at the right time and end up with some amazing deals, I on the other hand end up never being one of those people LOL.
didn't these 10 horse techemsehs have a bed rep of blowin up? or did that rumor come from people that didnt nessesarly take care of there tractor?
didn't these 10 horse techemsehs have a bed rep of blowin up? or did that rumor come from people that didnt nessesarly take care of there tractor?
The HH series cast iron engines actually have a good rep, IF cared for. Just like any make, neglect & end up with a dead engine. The worst thing about the TEC engines is getting parts. Tecumseh quit supporting the HH series a while back, and many parts are NLA. My HH120 on my early 67 MF12 is a points style. The points plunger is worn & NLA. When the time comes, I'll have to turn my own on my lathe I suppose.
Anytime you find a good deal on spare parts, it'd be a good idea to get them while you can. Used parts in good shape are fine with me too. The electronic ignitions can be ridiculously pricey though, used or new. There have been signs of more aftermarket companies getting into TEC parts, so hope may be on the horizon.
That points plunger (at least on my MF10) is a fiber type rod. The one end runs on the camshaft. Mine used to stick after 60-70 hrs run time. I used to have an extra one of those in my toolbox, if I can find it I'll pm you olcowhand. I gave $400 for my Mf10 from a dealer, he said it had a bent crankshaft. Somebody didn't have a clue as to what they where doing, used too long of bolts on the flywheel shroud, flywheel was hitting the end of those bolts. I used that tractor for 25-26 yrs, finally gave it to my oldest son. He's still useing it!
I just bumped into a MF12 today for $250. I thought it was high and this thread confirms it. No deck, burnt starter, no battery and a high back seat off something else. Also the cover over the hydro tank that the seat is on isn't original, the dash mounts are broken and sagging and one front tire obviously has a boot in it. It, however, does have a snow blower with it.
I was guessing it to be a 150.00 outfit maybe even a flat $100 if you can't hear the motor run. He claims it was running last year.

What it's worth to you is EXACTLY right. I paid 950 for my one owner MF-14 and it had a newly rebuilt engine wheel weights, hydraulic three point, chains, 6 implements, and all the original manuals(priced .50 on the back) I think I stole it, others may say I paid to much. I paid 600 for my one owner MF-8G, I know that was high, but I wanted it. I lucked into a one owner MF-8H for under 200 bucks with a new 10hp motor, new blades and new tires, again I think I stole it. I have 800 in two MF-8s in great shape, I cant buy any mower today for that and none for twice that that mows as well in my opinion. I paid 450 for my MF-10 and it was in way better shape. Good luck, be patient, they're out there. Mike
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