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I just rewired my 1958 gas MF-65 with a purchased wiring harness from Brillman. The tractor will turn over but will not start. This tractor has always started right up in the past. (Yes it has gas) Unfortunitely the harness instructions came with basic instructions. e.g. "wire #10 ignition switch to starter button" but doesn't say which side of starter button. Some quesionable situations I ran into are:
The Ignition Coil with the "+ and -" terminals, what wire leads where?
And the push starter switch has two contact points but 3 wires lead to it; what two wires are together and which one is by itself?
Solidoid switch, does it matter where the battery is connected or the cable running to the starter?
The key switch has 3 contact points on the back so I presummed this: "I" is to Push Starter Switch, "B" to Voltage Regulator and "L" is to the lights.

Any insight is appreciated.
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