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MF 65 Charging

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Not sure on the year, probably late 50's or early 60's diesel.
Original problem was overcharging (running) with severe discharge (KOEO). Found cut-out relay stuck on (possibly rigged on by "mechanic").

Then wouldn't charge at all. Removed generator and jumped Bat Pos to A and Neg to gen body. Generator spun (in reverse of engine rotation). Reversed jumpers at generator and it spun at twice the speed in the same direction.

Reinstalled and hooked Neg jumper to F and Pos to A. Generator tried (vs belt) to spin in direction of Engine Rotation.

Started engine and randomly overcharged, discharged, or don't charge. But gen. does stop trying to spin when the engine stops.

Is this possibly a bad diode? Is there a diode in the generator that could do this?

- Generator with A & F terminals
- Non original low hour regulator with L B F and A in the back.
- Fresh engine rebuild (took about ten years)

Amp meter wired to Bat + at the starter, other terminal to reg's B. F to F and A to A.

Ideas (without the alt conversion!)?
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