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MF 1855 Worth?

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I'm looking at buying a MF 1855 with a mower and a Blower attachment from an ad in the paper. I dont know anything about these tractors. I was wondering if someone where might be able to tell me what it might be worth before I ask to go look at it? I just dont to over pay just because I like it.

Thanks for any help
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No way to give a value without more info & pics. IF she runs good with no smoke & pulls fine, then the tractor alone is worth a solid $1,000 minimum.
Does she have 3pt lift? Rear PTO there? The decks have composite toothed timed pulleys. These are nearly impossible to find, so better pull the cover & look at the pulleys. The teeth should have a flat top to them. If worn to a sharp point, then they are worn out & deck won't last long to mow with unless you can somehow find some or have machine shop manufacture them (pricey).
The blower I have no idea as to worth. Not many blowers in my parts, so no education on them. It should at least be worth $250 in working condition.
So if all in good working order, has 3pt & rear PTO, my opinion is somewhere around $1500 to $1800. Quite a bargain compared to what you get these days for that money. If in superb condition it is worth much more.
Thank you for the quick responce and information!! I contacted the ad and he said he didnt have any pic's but its been in storage since a family member had passed quite sometime ago.

He's asking $3250 so I'm hoping that it's all in great shape. I just wanted to go look at it armed with a little info on it so I dont get taken just because I like it. We have 2 165' driveways and it sure would be nice not to have to shovel them in the winter anymore!!

Thanks for the tip on the mower I'll be sure to pull the cover to look, we have about 3 1/2 acers to mow, certainly want that to work.

Thanks again for you time!
For that kind of money, it would have to have 3pt lift & rear PTO for sure. And it should be in pristine condition. Even in perfect shape, that's a lot of money, BUT if low hours AND pristine condition, then it's a great deal considering what a "today's" tractor equal would cost.
I'll see if I can set up a time to meet with him this weekend to look at it and maybe get some pic's

Thanks again for your insite it makes me feel better going in with some info under my hat.

I would say that Daniel is spot on with his assesment. Please bring your camera and give us some pics of this $3K beast, whether you buy iy or not.
New mower pulleys are available, only the double pulley but it's easy to fit the double pulley where the single one was. I did that to my 1650's mmm, they are pricey though, $142.90 each, but I bought six of them just in case.
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