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Mf 1650

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This oldy is new to me. It came without a carb. If anybody may know, If I put a carb on it from a 10 hp Kohler, which has the correct linkage and mount, will it lean out and hurt it or just less powerful than the correct carb ? Also if you please, does anyone know what exactly goes into the hydrostatic trans/diff/fluid pump? I believe it is all one unit as far as the fluid goes. I have read about ATF type F, Regular hydraulic fluid and dextron II but am not sure. The unit has a filter and I would like to put in fresh fluid and a filter before I test start it. More questions to come. Thanks for any help you may offer. Please excuse the repost as I seem to have started in the big tractor forum instead of garden tractor as I should have. Bill
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I go with either Dexron III or if using for heavy work...Shell Rotella 15w40.
You can get by with that carb. May be slightly down on HP due to throat size, but should adjust to run with proper mixture. Will hold you over till you find correct carb, or may do just fine depending on how you use tractor.
I'm running Heavy Duty 15-40w, seems to work great for lifting, pulling, digging, and scraping, with all the implements
It does deliver higher pressures, especially on worn units. Plus holds pressure better at higher op temps.
My 1650 has Sundstrand hydro as does my 1655, but some 1650 do use the Eaton unit. ALL through 1855 use the same differential, but the 55 series use 6 lug hubs/rims instead of 5. Also, the 1450-1650 drives from the engine straight to the hydro, then belts up to the rear pto shaft. On the 55 series, the engine connects to the rear pto shaft & belts down to the hydro unit. Also, the 55 series does not use a mule drive up front. They have twin belts down to a jack-shaft, which you connect a pto shaft to the deck, or to the front end of shaft to power snowblowers & such.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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