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Mf 1650

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This oldy is new to me. It came without a carb. If anybody may know, If I put a carb on it from a 10 hp Kohler, which has the correct linkage and mount, will it lean out and hurt it or just less powerful than the correct carb ? Also if you please, does anyone know what exactly goes into the hydrostatic trans/diff/fluid pump? I believe it is all one unit as far as the fluid goes. I have read about ATF type F, Regular hydraulic fluid and dextron II but am not sure. The unit has a filter and I would like to put in fresh fluid and a filter before I test start it. More questions to come. Thanks for any help you may offer. Please excuse the repost as I seem to have started in the big tractor forum instead of garden tractor as I should have. Bill
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I would myself be concerned about running too lean with that sized difference of a carb. If it were 2 hp difference or even 4 is one thing but a carb for 10hp is definantly jetted smaller than a 16hp even though the draw through would be greater. I sure would do a little more checking first. You could always check you exhaust temp for a lean or rich running engine, just my 2 cents
Thanks olcowhand. I forgot about the wheels and I've been looking hard for them since mine are rotted out. Found a set on eBay that I hope will work. Not too many 6 hole 12" rims around, and even fewer 3 hole 8" rims for the front. Just bought a pair of Cushman rims on eBay that I hope will fill the bill on the front.

didn't the old Yazoo front mowers had 3 bolt hole rims (8") that fit the Masseys?
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