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Mf 1650

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This oldy is new to me. It came without a carb. If anybody may know, If I put a carb on it from a 10 hp Kohler, which has the correct linkage and mount, will it lean out and hurt it or just less powerful than the correct carb ? Also if you please, does anyone know what exactly goes into the hydrostatic trans/diff/fluid pump? I believe it is all one unit as far as the fluid goes. I have read about ATF type F, Regular hydraulic fluid and dextron II but am not sure. The unit has a filter and I would like to put in fresh fluid and a filter before I test start it. More questions to come. Thanks for any help you may offer. Please excuse the repost as I seem to have started in the big tractor forum instead of garden tractor as I should have. Bill
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The type of fluid you use in your hydro depends on operating conditions (air temp), condition of equipment (number of hours) and availability, as long as it is a "quality hydraulic fluid" (Sundstrand's words). Here in a temperate climate (-30 to +90 F) I have used Dexron for 27 years and over 2000 hours of HEAVY use on my MF1655, which is your tractor with a two cylinder Onan engine.

Heavy uses I have put my tractor to include;
Spreading and levelling four 17 cu.yd. loads of sinter on my driveway (over 1 ton / cu.yd.)
Excavating 55' of my 24' wide driveway to a depth of 3'.
Filling that hole with gravel and levelling it.
Removing 18" of garden soil from an area half the size of a regulation sized volleyball court and refilling the resultant hole with 8" of crushed gravel.
Many other smaller excavations and fillings.

ALL with a 54" wide x 22" height and depth bucket and no transmission issues.

These are all secondary jobs! The primary job was snow removal for up to 8 neighbourhood driveways for snowfalls from 2" to 12" normal and once (thank the Deity of your choice it was only once) 60". Average snowfall of 60-80" for 24 years = how many tons from about 800' of driveways. THAT is HEAVY WORK.

I think your tranny can hold up and it won't burn up any clutches.

The 3pt hitch has a lift capacity of about 350 lbs.

Sorry for the long post.

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I've used regular tractor hytran fluid in my 1650 since I've had it. Same fluid in my 1450 & 1855. The 1650 and 1655 are different tractors, not just single verses twin cylinder but most use the Sundstrand hydro, my 1650 has the Eaton hydro while the 1450 & 1855 have the Sundstrand hydro's.
I didn't know that the 1650 was different from the 1655/1855. I had always thought those 3 were basically the same and the 1200/1400/1450 were shorter. Is there anything else different besides engine, transmission and length?

Thanks for the info.

Thanks olcowhand. I forgot about the wheels and I've been looking hard for them since mine are rotted out. Found a set on eBay that I hope will work. Not too many 6 hole 12" rims around, and even fewer 3 hole 8" rims for the front. Just bought a pair of Cushman rims on eBay that I hope will fill the bill on the front.

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