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MF 1450 Question

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I just found out that my cousin is giving me his MF1450 tractor. Serial number 000810. I looked on the date by serial number sticky and the 1450 is not listed, but the MF14 is, and I was wondering if the year of manufacture is the same for the MF1450. I am just trying to find out all that I can about the tractor. It may be quite some time before I get it in my hands though. He said it has some issues, so I'm not sure if it will be running when I get it or not. Should be fun though. If anyone has some pictures of a 1450, that would be great. Any info on this model would be great also.

Here is all the info I have on it so far.

Tractor- Model MF 1450..Series No. 2411 Serial No. 000810

Transmission....Sundrand Inline Hydro Model HT 90

Engine No. K321AQS..Serial No. 7596360 Spec. 60293d

Deck Mod. MF 4815

Transaxle...Peerless No. 2518-- 2 spe
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Thats a good one Todd. LOL As soon as I saw the pic i knew what was coming. The Mule drive is more or less directly run off of the engine, and it is not limited to the just the mower deck, it can power just about any attachment for your tractor.
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