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MF 1450 Question

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I just found out that my cousin is giving me his MF1450 tractor. Serial number 000810. I looked on the date by serial number sticky and the 1450 is not listed, but the MF14 is, and I was wondering if the year of manufacture is the same for the MF1450. I am just trying to find out all that I can about the tractor. It may be quite some time before I get it in my hands though. He said it has some issues, so I'm not sure if it will be running when I get it or not. Should be fun though. If anyone has some pictures of a 1450, that would be great. Any info on this model would be great also.

Here is all the info I have on it so far.

Tractor- Model MF 1450..Series No. 2411 Serial No. 000810

Transmission....Sundrand Inline Hydro Model HT 90

Engine No. K321AQS..Serial No. 7596360 Spec. 60293d

Deck Mod. MF 4815

Transaxle...Peerless No. 2518-- 2 spe
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I have heard this term "mule drive" a few times. What exactly is that?

No, really. It's what is used to get the belt from the pto to the mower deck.
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