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MF-12- replacing tie rod ends

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Greetings- The steering box and tie rod ends on my MF-12 appear to be the same as the ones on my John Deere 212. Does anyone know if the tie rod ends are direct replacement. Also wondering if it would be worthwhile to drill , tap ,and thread in some grease fittings on these tiny tie rod ends. Anyone done this with good results? Thanks, Paul
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The tie rod ends for my MF12H and MF1655 are the same 1/2-20 right hand thread. I believe JD uses both left and right hand treaded tie rods, so you have to pay attention.

I've found that the tie rods last 200-300 hours with the tractor doing loader duty, over 400-500 hours for just running around mowing.

It isn't worth the effort to try drilling to install zerks. There's not a whole lot of meat there to hold a zerk in place and you don't want to mark the ball when drilling or your efforts are totally wasted. There's no way to take it apart to buff out any burrs and still have the same service life as it would normally. The material is upset to hold the ball in the socket.

There are better types of throttle rod ends available . . . for a price.
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Keep the new ones lubed with spray graphite- it dries and doesn't attract as much dust as oil.
Thanks for that information! (re- all right hand thread)

It saves me a lot of wrenching, not having to disassemble every joint to determine the thread direction. I'd be willing to pay double the cost of the rod ends that I'm using now (< 10 bucks) for a heavier duty ball with a grease fitting. Any idea where to source such a part? Meanwhile, I guess that I'll be using the spray on graphite that gregg recommended. Thanks for the help!! regards, Paul
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