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Hi all,
I was hoping y'all could help me in regards the differences between the MF1150 and the MF1155. Is the rear end the same? I know the MF1150 has the 510 V8 and the MF1155 has the 540 V8. Also the MF1150 has a double clutch while the MF1155 has a single. The MF1155 is longer around the bell housing area.
Is there any other differences besides the sheet metal/cab? Does the MF1155 have a differential lock?
I have a 1970 MF1150 that i am putting a 540 engine in. I am disappointed it doesn't have a differential lock. I much prefer the look of the MF1150 but the MF1155 is growing on me.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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