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Memeber from Southern IL

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I own a crappy JD L130. I originally joined this site in April 2009 but my account became deactivated somehow.
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Welcome back
Is there a question in there??

:sorry1: Did you think that exempted you from :wwp::wwp::wwp: it doesn't :bananapow:bannana:
Welcome back annantv. What part of the area are you from?
I am from Union County in southern IL. I own 2.8 acres. I've attached pictures to the east of my home (w/driveway & over to the tall grass), to the northwest of my home (w/the open garage on southside of grassed waterway - corn field behind me), to the northeast of my home (w/cluster of trees), and the 3rd broken front axle of my L130 (still attached to the right wheel).

Bought my L130 new in March 2003. First axle broke 8/08. Next one broke 5/09. And this one broke 8/10. Yes I do grease the fittings, however, upon inspection of the axle bushings last night, they were dry. They showed no sign of wear, yet the axle did. I was looking at my purchase receipt last night and I paid $2499 for that lump of junk. 1 of my brothers is telling me to get a tractor w/a belly mower. I'm just fed up w/JD at this time.


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Welcome back to the forum:greendr:
Glad to see someone else from our area join up,I'm from just outside of Harrisburg and we also have several members here from Jefferson co. Nice looking place!:fing32:
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