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Mccormick deering 10-20

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I have a 1929 McCormick deering 10-20 with a sezed engine. the man who had it before me had left it outside with no spark plugs for over 10 yrs. I have tryed soaking the cylinders in every fluid they make but nothing will work. they way I attemp to move the pistons is I took off the oil pan and the con-rod caps, held a 2x4 on the bottom of the pistons and hit the 2x4 with a large slegde hammer hoping to push the piston up to break it free. I was thinking heat but I am worried about damaging the block. :banghead3
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Welcome to the forum! I don't recommend bashing it with a hammer (don't read my tagline haha). If the transmission is still working, try this. Jack the tractor up so you can get some ramps under them. Lower the tractor onto them. Put tractor in highest gear. Soak pistons with penetrant. In time, the pistons will break free due to the penetrant and the steady load put on them by the weight of the ramped tractor. Lastly, make sure the tractor is not pointed downhill so it won't roll away once it is free.

Thanks for joining and enjoy your stay!
Would a 25 ton press work??
I've had luck with squirting a 50/50 solution of Acetone and Transmission fluid into the cylinders and letting it soak for a bit, but I don't think any of the tractors I've done this to have sat like yours did. It might take a while depending on what the pistons and cylinders look like.

Good luck,
any luck yet? if not since you already have the caps off turn the crank out of the way then knock the piston down with a wood block that fits tight. once it moves down clean the ridge and rust from the cylynder and push the piston up and out
I Know this sounds mad but one of the best fluids for unseizing things is original full stregnth "Coca Cola". give it agood soaking, and some time, works a treat.!!!

Read here!!!
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