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MC519 Dump Kit Install Pic Heavy

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Finally got this thing on. 1st time I've done a step by step with pics. Don't know how it will turn out. Heres pic of complete kit.

Small bracket going on. Have to drill 2 holes. 3rd mount hole for bracket is used from OEM mount of gas cylinder. Nice fit for my drill:trink40:

Here is long front mount bracket. You remove the stock one and this has to be tapped into place with mallett or plastic hammer. Used the existing holes from stock mount

Heres 1 problem. the supplied pin is too long. Too much side to side play. It can actually work it's way back against frame without the spacer I made. I had to paint JD green

Heres dump opened. I did'nt included pics of installing the elbows and hose fittings. You do need thread tape for that. My hands were full with the taping the threads. That was actually the easiest steps.


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Very nice. Did you run the hydraulic hoses up to the front hydraulic connectors? slkpk
Yea, ran hoses up to front. It's a decent kit...don't think it's worth $375. Thats due to having to fabricate some myself. Pin in photo should be longer, the green spacer I made to be on safe side otherwise pin could work back against frame causing problems. I was shorted 1 bolt (had to use my own) 1 extra pin (maybe that was to replace missing bolt) He included an orphus in one of the couplers to help slow down hydraulics but that don't work very well either, you jsut have to ease the lever forw. and back for an easy slow cycle otherwise it cycles in about 1 sec. The block on frame that hoses route thru I had to get a longer bolt to go all the way thru the frame to secure it. 1 in kit was too short. Just as well use wire ties. Instructions are sparse but can get you thru it. Had to grind a weld some on the small bracket to get it to mount flush against frame. BTW welding could have been better according to a friend of mine that does plenty of it. Overall a decent kit but needs improvement.
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