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Max 26xl

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Just bought a new MAX 26XL with a loader and backhoe. They had sold the last one at the dealer so they had to order one and it should be here in a few weeks. Still have about 12 to 18 inches of snow on the ground so it's not a problem. There doesn't seem to be many Mahindra comments. If you own the MAX can you give some info on how it has worked for you. Any problems.
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My son and I just bought a 26xl we have had it 2 weeks and played with the hoe and the loader. We are impressed it has great power and the hoe digs like a groundhog. I removed some shrubs and dug a sump for the house roof drains through the roots of a old Maple tree it cut right through roots as big as my arm with little problem. We have done the 10 hr.servicing. Some of the fittings are not shown in the paperwork , like the linkage zerks under the floor board, the tie rod ends need a pump or two also. I found a sun shade at Tractor supply it clamps top center of the ROPS and has a removal umberella only cost 85 dollars. My only complaint is the seat is a real pain to lift and turn for the hoe position. It is comfortable just a bother to get set up.
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For the 10 hr. maintance they recommend check all fluid levels, grease all fittings and retorque all lug bolts and the frame mount bolts they say 6 on each side mine are gold, others near them was silver. The bolts were all 20mm and you should use a 6 point socket as this much torque can cause slippage. We found 7 on each side the ones near the main mount for the loader had an upper and a lower. The upper went into the engine block while the lowers have a nut backing up on the back side you will need to put a wrench on the nut to hold the roll for the retorque. Check your book for torque specs. I used 70 FTLBS. for front wheels 80 for frame bolts and 90 for rear wheels. The book says 69 for front but 70-80-90 is easier to remember and I'm sure 1 lb won't kill it. Hope you enjoy your new ride as much as we have ours it seems to be a brute and I worked a lot of dirt with the loader today need more seat time on the hoe not quite smooth with it yet. Looking forward to a fun summer re-landscaping my whole yard.
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Great to hear you got yours hope you enjoy it and have fun. Sounds like you got one heck of a dealer mine just sent one of his guys out to deliver mine but he did review all the things about it and answered any questions I had. Stopped by the dealer today to look at a box blade will probably buy it Monday.
Found a different new hat I liked but when I ask to pay for it the lady said that's ok just take it with you. We got two with the machine when we signed all the paperwork.
little things like that make me think this will be a good relationship. Well hope you have a good time work safe and enjoy the new Toy.
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Mainline has the Husky. We just have our Mad Max. My son and I both love it and have gotten a lot of work done with it as soon as the weather warms up I will be using it to do a stone wall all along the front of our lot bout 130 feet long two 12 x 12 x 36 rocks high.
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