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Max 26xl

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Just bought a new MAX 26XL with a loader and backhoe. They had sold the last one at the dealer so they had to order one and it should be here in a few weeks. Still have about 12 to 18 inches of snow on the ground so it's not a problem. There doesn't seem to be many Mahindra comments. If you own the MAX can you give some info on how it has worked for you. Any problems.
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I just got a call from the dealer and they will deliver the tractor tomorrow. I still have snow on the ground, but I don't think it will be much longer. It has been warm up here. Thanks for the reply Don, I'll have to located all the grease fittings and make them happy. What do they do for the 10hrs servicing? I don't think it will take long to get to 10 hrs. I look forward to start working this tractor getting ready for summer. When I was trying out the different brands of tractors the loaders power was what impressed me. I could push a load of snow to the snow bank and keep diving and lift the loader up to dump. Some other ones I had to back away from the snow bank to lift the loader. This was just snow, it would probably be worst with dirt. I will see how she goes.I was looking at those umbrellas and I may hold off for now. I think I'll just get a floppy hat, not a fan of hats, but I like them better than sunburns.
Have a good one.
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Got my tractor today and the owner of the dealership drove it out. Went through all the basics and showed me how to take off the loader and backhoe. Went through hyd safety and talked about the 10 and 50 hr service and what that entails. He spent about an hour there. I got the thumb for the backhoe, I have a lot of rocks to move. After he left I played with the loader and moved a little dirt around. The lawn is still soft so I will wait a bit. I want to do some landscaping, just not all of it. I think this will do what I was hoping for. One change to the loader is when you take it off there is just one support leg that mounts to the center cross member vice two, one on each arm. Still works fine just different.
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It was a beautiful day on Sunday, almost 80. All the snow that was around on Friday has melted. The ground was pretty firm so I went to spread out the 8 yard of fill. I found out high range is no good in the sand. Thought it was all ready in low, boy was I wrong. Anyway had a good laugh and started using the tractor. Glad I got 4 wheel drive that does make a difference in the sand. I was moving the fill with the loader and was real impressed with the power. Flipped up a rock that has been in the way for years, its a big flat rock, gonna put that aside. I think I will have a use for that. Spent a few hours getting to know my tractor. Almost got slapped in the head with some branches coming off the rops. I guess which trees need trimming. I uploaded a few photos, funny the ones with the rider came in upside down. Anyone know how to fix that? Anyway gonna have a fun summer. Have a drainage ditch that I want to smooth out the sides,some landscaping and get rid of some trees and stumps.


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Sorry it took me a while to see you asked me a question. I have had the husky for 4 years and it has been great. This is a all wheel rider and if you have hilly or tight places you need to mow it's great. This thing will turn on a dime and not mark up the lawn. I can do a 12" circle around plants. The picture you see with the snow plow that's how it is for winter. No chains needed. In the Husky forum there is a large thread on this model 2000+ comments and they address a lot of the issues some people have had. I've been lucky I have not had much go wrong, a small spring and a cable. Have new belts and if I make it through the winter I'll replace them for the first time. Gonna have to give my snow blower some loving this summer though.
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