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Massey TE20 fuel tap problem

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I have been working on a friends petrol/TVO TE20 and have come up against a problem. Fuel comes out the tap fine and freely. However when I install the glass fuel bowl and tighten it up the fuel stops flowing, remove it again and starts to flow any Ideas? :dunno:
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Have you tried opening the fuel valve with the tank cap off to see if you have fuel flow? Had a small engine with a clogged vented cap. Engine ran for a short time then shut off, open gas cap or let set for a short for a few mins and shut off starved of fuel.:banghead3 Took me awhile and some head scratching to figure that one out!

Have you taken the fuel line loose at the carb. and seen if the fuel will continue to flow into the sediment bowl? Air in the fuel line could be stopping the flow of fuel into the glass bowl.

Good luck! :trink39:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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