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Massey questions

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Hi, Again;;
A couple of questions for you massey guy's. The MF12 I have will not currently start (solenoid) and I can not roll the tractor as it is a hydrostat tranny. I know there is a free wheeling pin but it does not want to roll with the pin in any position. Also do some ford solenoids work on tractors?. The books say the HH100 and HH120 shoud have a champion J8 spark plug, Is a Champion J8C the same plug?. Thanks guy's.

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Even with the freewheeling valve released, it is still difficult to roll. If I remember correctly with the pin horizontal, it will roll? I would think the ford solenoid should work. I used one from a 65 mustang on my cub 129. It worked fine. Not sure about the plug numbers?:goodl:
I use a solenoid from a 1983 or so Ford Ranger on my MF12 without a problem. If the solenoid has two small poles, it should be connected to the one labeled "S".
I also agree with Tweidman, hydro transmissions are hard to roll. I have to move a 7790 diesel simplicity once, and it fought the whole way onto the trailer. I did not move it again till it could move under its own power. Good luck with your tractor.
thanks, For the replies guy's....Dave
The only hydro easy to roll are models with 2-speed rears that have a neutral position to truly free-wheel. All others with unloader valves are still a beast to push.
A J8C is the same plug,just an updated part number,the "C" stands for copper core...

You should try moving a dead BOBCAT skid steer,if you think a MF is hard to move --my friend had to repair one and needed to push it to the rear of his shop so he could use the lift to fix other vehicles whil awaiting parts for it--we could roll it one foot foreward before it felt like the tires locked up,then it would roll right back to where we started from!..he got tired of that,got into his pickup and used it to push it--at first it wouldn't budge and the tires skidded,and his S-10 spun the rear tires some--then all of a sudden the Bobcat seemed to freewheel easier,and darn near went though he back wall of his shop!..

The guy at the Bobcat parts place said they dont really have an easy way to "unlock" the hydrostat,and to "just push it slow with something"..we did,but it sure felt like something was going to be woundedby doing so..we'd have used a pair of floor jacks to roll it around on,if they would have picked it up,but it was too heavy for them!..
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