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I have a Massey m60 loader/backhoe that is leaking hydraulic fluid.

I'm not sure where the leak is yet, but my fluid level is low and I'd like to top it off before my next project. How the heck do I figure out which hydraulic fluid to buy?
The unit is older- 70's or early 80's.

I'm also thinking that before the winter, I should go through and replace all of the fluids.
From my reading, it sounds like this thing may not use the same hydraulic fluid for the transmission, which means there's likely some sort of transmission fluid as well. I can probably figure out draining and filling- but are there any filters I should be replacing? How do I figure out which fluid to buy?

Lastly, the engine- runs great, but could probably use an oil change. Any reason not to use synthetic oil? any guesses on oil weight?

Any other often ignored maintenance items I should be looking at? Other than greasing grease points and changing fluids/filters I'm not really sure what else might need attention.
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