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Massey Ferguson GC1715 problem

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Mine is a 2015. It has 230 hours. Recently it has had a miss. It runs perfectly at any RPM using any implement while sitting still. However when the tractor is moving forward or in reverse it has a miss almost every time at any RPM. My first thoughts were air filter and fuel filter and I replaced both. Anyone have any guess to where to look next?
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I haven’t had a rollover or anything close to it. So most likely they need adjusted? Is that labor intensive? Also out of curiosity how much was it to replace the injector you had changed?
I appreciate it. I have had injector cleaner in this last tank of fuel and the problem has gotten worse. So I guess I am taking it to the dealership. I can change out the injectors myself but currently do not have the tools to test the injectors I pull to see which one is bad. Thanks again.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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