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Massey Ferguson GC1715 problem

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Mine is a 2015. It has 230 hours. Recently it has had a miss. It runs perfectly at any RPM using any implement while sitting still. However when the tractor is moving forward or in reverse it has a miss almost every time at any RPM. My first thoughts were air filter and fuel filter and I replaced both. Anyone have any guess to where to look next?
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Fuel injectors.

Mine are out of whack due to a rollover a couple of years back and now need a tune up. I had to replace one of them after the rollover.
Fuel contamination is the most likely reason.

Agco parts books is the source for part numbers. Sign in as a guest. Jacks small engines is an alternate from using the dealer for parts. I found that the prices were a bit better at Jacks.

There are two parts needed for an injector, and they are sold separately (at least they were when I bought mine). A pair of C-notes are going to get pretty much trashed.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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