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Massey 35 loader, front mounting point

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Hi everyone,

I would appreciate help from anyone familiar with FELs on a Massey 35. I can't work out how to locate the front mounting point for the cross brace that stabilises the loader's vertical posts.

The larger (or newer) Masseys have a four stud hole mounting point adjacent to the base of the radiator on each side. The 35 doesn't have this mounting point and I don't know how to anchor the cross brace.

The casting that bolts to the front of the engine block which carries the front axle pivot shaft does have a flat base with four stud holes pointing downwards (I guess this is for securing mid-mounted equipment such as mower decks) and this seems to be my only option. I could bolt a plate across the base of the casting and weld lugs on each side to form the cross brace mounting point, but I am concerned about transmitting stresses to this critical casting.

If anyone who has seen, or owns, a 35 with a FEL could let me know how the cross brace is mounted on their tractor I will be very grateful.

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Hi the old Davis loaders had a whole frame piece that basically attaches to the front casting and rose vertically on each side, the front had cross bars that protected the rad and grille.
Even the 204/204's relied on the front casting to bear the weight of the loader
Auto part Rust Rock

This is an MF Fel fitted to a MF135. FE35 has the same fixing point for front supports.
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