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A good friend has a Massey 283 that he needs to sell. My questions are about the hydraulics and Pto. On the hydraulics - it has an added auxiliary valve but I am told you have to switch a valve under the seat to select between power to the aux valve or the 3point. Seems a bit ridiculous but can anyone comment on this setup? If this is the case is there an option (kit) to add aux hydraulics to a 283? Secondly it doesn't have an independent pro. Not the end of the world but not ideal. Not practical to try to change I assume.
I would need the tractor to pull disc mower and a round baled if I got in a bind. Power I feel sure is not as issue just really concerned about the limited hydraulics.
lastly it is a 4hi/low transmission. Any reports on not enough gears to find the ground speed you need? If the tractor will work for my needs a I would like to help my friend out.
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