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Looking for some assistance on the 271.

Short story. Took to a Kubota dealer that said they could replace my clutch. They replaced, I brought it home. In 3 hours it failed. Second clutch put in lasted 10 hours on the PTO.

After the second failure I had to resort to the old interweb and started blasting the dealer as I had called and never got a return call. They didn't like my comments on the web so they contacted me. I called and spoke to one of the owners. He asked what they could do. I said fix my tractor. He said bring it over. I did. Two and half months later I finally got it back. They said they ran it on a PTO dyno for 4 hours and all worked ok (after another clutch change). I brought it home, hooked up a tiller, ran it for 4 hours and now it will not go back into PTO. Just grinds. I called them and they had the field service guy in the area and he stopped. Wasn't happy. lol He worked on adjustments for about an hour and started scratching his head. He said he can spin the PTO clutch with a screw driver so it should be free and not grind. I noticed the pto shaft is VERY hard to turn even with the pto disengaged (it wasn't with the factory clutch in it). I know the lift arms run off of hydraulics on the PTO side as when I depress the clutch pedal all the way down the lift arms do not move until I let up on the clutch a little. My other Massey is the same way so I assume that is normal. Now, I am wondering if something in the hydraulics is causing this condition. I don't have an internal parts break down so I am sort of guessing at how stuff works in there.

The service guy left scratching his head and said they had bought a service manual for this tractor so he was going to go study it and my suggestion as to the hydraulics being involved somehow. This service guy put the last clutch in so he is very familiar with it now.
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