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Hi all,
I am in the middle of my engine conversion for my Massey Ferguson 1150. I am replacing the original Perkins 510 with a Perkins 540 from a combine. I have a few questions about the crankshaft before I go any further. I knew I was going to have to grind the crankshaft flange to get the 1150 flywheel to fit the 540 flange. However, I have noticed the flywheel flange of the 540 has a smaller overall outside diameter than the 510. My question is, will there be enough ‘meat’ on the 540 crankshaft flange to hold the flywheel in place when I get the recess ground in the flange? I haven’t measured the crankshafts yet but it looks like the 540 could be 5-10mm smaller in diameter than the 510. Are the 540 rod and main journals bigger than the 510? If not then maybe I could buy a used 510 crank? (the existing one I have ran a bearing).
I really would appreciate your help in this. Thank you.
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