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Many Thanks for Chain Saw Forum Gents

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I have an old Homelite XL-12 that I got from my late father. At this point it becomes a labor of love to keep it running because I got it from him. If it was any other saw, I would have put it out in the trash with Political ads. But it's red, it cuts, and he has his name painted on it, so I like using it. Each time I had a question for the forum, somebody answered it, so I am just letting y'all know I appreciate the efforts. I just would like to pass this on to you guys - when I was in the Navy, I drove a 600 foot ship. However, when I came home on leave, the old man told me to leave the saw alone. Go figure. Could drive one of the big boys, but the saw was off limits. But thanks alot, guys.
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:thanku: We really like helping out. :trink40:
You father just knew how dangerous chainsaws are, he loved you too much to run the risk of you using it.

Older saws had/have none of the modern safety features, e.g., chain brake, and likely had an aggressive chain...not one of the "low kickback chains".

I add my thanks, I try to give something back from time-to-time but have received much more than I have given to the "Mytractor" group of forums.:thThumbsU
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