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Manufacture Dates of All MF7-MF16 series tractors

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I came across a PDF file that has the serial numbers, year of manufacture, and production numbers by model and style. It has the MF7 thru MF16 separated by geared, hydro, electric start and recoil start models. Also include is rear engine riders, tillers and walk behind mowers made up until around 1977. Should I post the pdf file here, is any one interested. Mike
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Yes--I am and sure many others are..
Ask one of the Mods for that forum to make it a 'sticky"

me too
Absolutely, please post it.:thanku:
i would love to have that info.
Okay, I hope this works. BTW, MF-8 recoil start was the rarest with 2475 units from 1974 thru 1975, followed, by the MF-16 Hydro with 3901 units produced during 1975 and 1976. The MF-7 Hydro was pretty close with just 4171 units produced during 4 years 1968 thru 1971. The longest running production tractor in the series was the MF-10G going from 1966 thru 1976(2 years before any of the other tractors except the MF-12hydro which came out in 1967) Funny thing, the MF-10 wasn't produced at all in 1972, 1973, and 1974. production resumed for the final two years of 1975 and 1976. The MF-10 had almost 30,000 units produced in 7 years. The MF-7G electric start had the most units produced at 43,527. Apparently the first four numbers on the serial denote model and the rest denote the actual sequential production number. Lots of good stuff here. Okay it's not going to work, the PDF file is 650kb exceeding the forums limit of 146kb. I'll try to reduce it. MIke
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Unless someone can tell me how to reduce the pdf file or someone has space somewhere, I'll just have to e-mail it to y'all one at a time. Mike
Can I post my email address on here so you can send it to me?
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