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Manuals on CD - are they worth it?

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I'd like a set of manuals for my GT225 but the print ones are at or over $100. I found these manuals on CD that are the same thing only without paper. Has anyone ever bought one? Did you like it?


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I got the JD paper manual right after I got the tractor. I should have saved the $'s and gone CD. The typos and deadend photos would still be in the CD's for me to print.:) But who knows, the guy that gets this tractor next might not be as "computer literate" as me and might not be able to open a CD drive...
"open the CD drive"?!
I've got a CD player in my car. I thought I would be able to listen to it while I worked on my GT. Are you saying it don't work that way Harold?! :trink40:
FYI, Here's the way it works around here... First, I open a CD, DVD, or other flat thing with the record in it. Then I push a little button on the keyboard and somehow a drawer opens from the box that makes the fan noises. The cat, feeling the vibration, whacks the drawer as it is coming out so it closes again.

Next, with "dada disc" record in one hand, I hit the button again and when the drawer opens I deflect the cat with the other hand. As I feel the gentle biting of the cat on my deflecting hand I put the record in the player drawer and quick hit the closer button. As the drawer closes I release the cat and she releases me and whacks the rapidly closing drawer. She wins, the disc spins, the screen lights up and I'm happy again.

"I have wireless so I can take my laptop out to the shop if I need to. No need to print it."
Too messy! I would get the screen all greasy pointing to the words as I read!

"Shadow" didn't really like the idea of a "Shoot Your Pet Contest"... but she calmed down after I explained it to her.


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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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