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Manuals on CD - are they worth it?

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I'd like a set of manuals for my GT225 but the print ones are at or over $100. I found these manuals on CD that are the same thing only without paper. Has anyone ever bought one? Did you like it?


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the guy that gets this tractor next might not be as "computer literate" as me and might not be able to open a CD drive...
You mean that cup holder?

If the manuals are in searchable text then electronic versions of the manual are great. I download an electronic copy of every manual I have in print if one is available.

I have wireless so I can take my laptop out to the shop if I need to. No need to print it.
And, what do you do if your away from the shop with a tractor stuck in the fields, and the laptop's battery has gone south?
Not a problem, I commit the manual to memory.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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