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Well I finalllllly picked up a garden tractor. I really don't need it for lawn mowing as I can do all my mowing with a push mower, in an hour and a half. I stumbed across a cub cadet model AGS2140 with snow plow at a garage sale.

I boought it more for use in moving firewood around anf hopefully for maintenace on a 550' driveway that is fairly steep that washes out frequently. I plan on getting more crusher run delivered onto the driveway before fall. It would be nice if I could use the plow to help smooth it out. It would also be nice to use it to pull a vibrating compactor up and down the hill.

Based on the numbers under the serial # it looks to be about 19 years old =0694.

Can anyone suggest a good place to find an owners manual for it ? The link at the top of the page requires downloading a toolbar, which is not going to happen.
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Well back again.

The numbers under the seat were not what I should have been using. I found the data plate under the left running board. Now I have the full model number, serial #, and DOM.

This was enough to find a copy of the owners manuall on line for a free download.
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