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MannerMauler from NC

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Hello all, I want to seek advice on my snapper mower which needs to be repowered. I'm not sure what model or year it is but I do have a picture of the serial and mod (model?) number. I'll make a post with more details once I'm allowed to post.

I currently only have a small snapper ride-on mower and a small self propelled push mower. I hope to get some older tractors to restore, like old Farmhalls, International Harvesters, JDs, ect. Right now I'm just trying to get this ride-on operational so I don't have to use a push mower for most of the yard. 3/4 of an acre feels like a lot when you have a bad back (and I'm only 18. :tango_face_crying: Boy, can't I wait til I'm older).

Here's the sticker, what kind of snapper do I have???


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