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I need paint for a sunstar.

Has anyone ever tried just AC orange from TSC??? I think it is too orange for Simplicity.

I was thinking about mixing some AC orange and IH red paint from TSC. To try and make Simplicity Sunstar paint.

I have a gallon of the IH red already. If I get a quart of the AC orange I should be able to experiment to see what the ratio is in small amounts ,,and then mix the whole quart.
Maybe it's 50/50 ,,,,, maybe it is not. Im thinking it might just need a small amount of the red to get the right tint.

What do you think???

What are the chances of me getting this right?? lol (or close)

The sunstar I have needs paint so bad,,I guess anything is better than what it is. But I don't want to put the deck back on without painting it. And that leads to painting everything.

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All I've ever used for Sunstars is AC Orange and IH Red at 4:1. I used the TSC paint. Hardener might have helped, but I did not use any. Also, slightly less red might be better, but those paints fade, so 4:1 seems to work OK.

Here are a few pictures. The lighting (or the poor photographer) makes them look a little different, but they were all 4:1. A better painter would have ended up with more shine. :dunno:



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