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Making Progress On Rims and Weights...

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We picked up a second set of old rims and weights last month, for our '66 110. Have been making some progress in re-furbing them, albeit slowly.

When the painting is done, they will get a full set of Carlisle HDAP tires. These will be our "working wheels", not "show wheels", so don't look too closely!

After media blasting:

Two coats so far. Next some light sanding, then a final coat:

I have been using Rustoleum primer and finish paint, as well as JD finish paint. I have some observations/comparisons that I will offer up when the project is done.
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Looks great, nice job. :trink39::trink39:
Looks show quality to me. Remember - it is a tractor. They are allowed or even encouraged to have a few scratches. But, then again I drive my show cars too, because that is what they were made for.
Thanks guys!

Looks show quality to me....
Thanks, but definitely not show quality. They look better than they really are, due to the lighting and low-res cell phone camera. They are somewhat pitted in more than a few places.

But, hopefully they will look respectable, and more importantly resist corrosion.
Re: Carlisle HDAPs

Okay, update time.

The Carlisle HDAP tires are now mounted (on the rims). See photos.

The next step is to fill the rear tires with Rimguard. Then mount all four to the tractor.

We should be ready just in time for...winter to be over. :( Oh well, at least next year we'll be all set to go.


Weights were blasted. One of them in particular was badly pitted. Got some good advice on how to fill them -- but was lazy/hurried and just painted. They look "good enough". It's not like they're single-notch show weights.

As others said would happen, the edges of the rims got nicely chipped by the guy who mounted the tires. I will need to touch up.
Very nice UT! Can't wait to see them on the 110!
Very nice UT! Can't wait to see them on the 110!

Thanks Bruce!

You X7 guys know what I'm talking about with these HDAPs! I cannot believe how aggressive the tread is on the All-Trails. I am definitely going to want to see how they do in snow without chains (but I have chains, just in case.)

The All-Trails also look to be about an inch+ taller than what's on there now, with their extra crown. Or maybe the guy over-inflated them -- will have to check that.
Glad to see you were able to use the front HDAP's you had. Those thing's are impossible to find now.
UT, The tires and wheels look great. :trink39::trink39:

Where did you find the front tires?
UT, The tires and wheels look great. :trink39::trink39:

Where did you find the front tires?
Thanks Mike!:thanku:

I bought those front HDAPs (16x6.50-8 Field Trax) last year (actually, in 2010, I think) from Summit Racing. I didn't even own a tractor at the time -- I just thought whatever I ended up with that these would work well.

At the time I knew this size was hard to find, but I didn't realize they were being discontinued. If I had known they were a close-out special, I would have bought another set.
Very nice looking set of tire you got there. :fing02:
Looking good and looking forward to seeing them on the tractor. slkpk
Looking good. With the extra weight, those tires will do great in the snow without chains.
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