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This little project is not as grand as many I see here, but represents the type of repairs and modifications that I do to make my maintenance cost managable. A while back my oil fill plug was pulled out by a limb and lost while cutting heavy brush on my hunting club far from my truck. I realized within a few minutes that it was gone when oil spatters started hitting the front tire. I resorted to some Battle Damage Assessment and Repair methods(that was a part of the Army Ordnance Office Basic Course at one time now known as jerryrigged or ******* engineered), to get out of a bind. I built a new one out of tool steel and High Molecular weight Polyethelene plastic that works very satisfactory and is over engineered like most things I build. This was an oportunity to use one of my favorite toys, my south bend, to repair my other favorite toy, my tractor. I will attach a picture of my field expedient plug and the new one.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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