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So we had a pool put in last year and as expected, we got a bunch of ironstone out of the ground. Where I live, the ground is full of it. When digging, you will find it in 3" sheets.

Needless to say, these would make a great walkway to the backyard. When the stones come out of the ground, they are orange stained because of the clay. A power washer has cleaned them up some ut they are still rough on the feet. I tried taking a wire wheel attached to an angle grinder to one. It worked pretty well as far as making it a little smoother and definietly a nicer grey color.

The question is, is there a better (but inexpensive) tool or attachement I could use to clean and smooth the stone a bit. I don't need it to be like a counter top, but nice enough on bare feet coming out of the pool.

Also, does anyone seal stone? Just to keep it from changing color?

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