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maintenance question

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I have a Ford 2600 and have a dumb question. Where is the grease zerk to grease the front axle center pin? Is it in the end of the pin or under the bottom? My tractor has a homemade attachment to hold weights that I fear covers the zerk. It will be a pain in the tail to remove so I don't want to unless I have, too.

Thanks for any assistance.
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I have a Ford 3600. To my knowledge, there is no grease zerk to grease the front axle center pin. I checked once with a mechanic at a Ford dealership and he confirmed this to me. If there is a zerk, it is surely well hidden!
Ed Fulton
There should not be one, this area is in the dust/dirt so much that if there were a grease fitting the grease combined with the dust/dirt would make a grinding compound... not a good thing.
I agree.. it wasn't untill later series where you will find a greased axle kingpin.

Thanks for the information, I guess I will avoid removing the attachments after all.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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