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main drive belt size 15-44hxl

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hello all , i own a 1995 15-44hxl and i was wondering what size the main drive belt is?? the belt on the top of the engine pulley.
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You can get the parts lists here
Put Toro in the 2nd box and 15-44HXL in the 3rd box. Then select your tractor from the results. The belt is listed in the Transaxle Assembly page item #18.
93-3883 WH/Toro {HAx88.19"}, 6888 Gates 1/2"x88", 4L880W Napa 1/2"x88", 248-088 Stens 1/2"x88", 84880 Goodyear 1/2"x88".

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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